MH3295 Overview

The MultiDocker MH3295 is a large (220,000 lb class), state-of-the-art hydraulic material handler, built on a tracked undercarriage. With a cab-to-ground hydraulic cab riser that can be lowered across all 360-degrees around the machine, unsurpassed visibility, massive lift capacity, and a comfortable, state-of-the-art operator station, you get huge versatility and maximum productivity.

The MH3295 is driven by an ultra-powerful, reliable and efficient 533-hp Caterpillar C18 ACERT engine, featuring two fuel modes, automatic engine speed control (based on load sensing) and automatic engine idle shutdown (interval based). This saves fuel and also reduces hour accumulation for greater resale value and lower service costs. MH3295 hydraulics feature the new Adaptive Control System (ACS) which better matches hydraulic response to joystick movement, you can move tons of material all day, every day, with precision and efficiency.

The MH3295 is based on the proven CAT 390F (carbody) and 385C (undercarriage), enhanced with a heavier and wider build for greater stability in material handling roles, and augmented by MultiDocker’s innovative solutions for the world’s most challenging material handling jobs. Since it’s based on Caterpillar components, you get the world-class reliability and service support you count on. And with a reach of up to 71.5′ and a lift capacity of up to 34 Tons, it’s capable of meeting almost any challenge.

The MH3295 is ideal for scrap and barge material handling jobs, but will suit any kind of operation: scrap metal, pulp logs, sawn wood, timber, chips, pellets, bags, aggregates, and most kinds of bulk and general cargo.

  • Connector.

    Reach: 72'


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    Lift: 34 Tons


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    Weight: 110 Tons


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    Power: 533HP Cat C18



Machine weight:211,000-220,000 lbs

Base machine: Caterpillar 385C/390F

Maximum Lifting Capacity: 34 tons (30,823 kg)

Boom and stick:
– Barge Front Option: 56.5′ reach.  
– Scrap Front Option: 71.5′ reach.
– The boom and stick are designed for multi purpose use and can easily handle most different kind of cargoes.
– Optional quick release coupling making the change between different work tools convenient and quick.

Undercarriage: Tracked
– Heavy-duty track rollers
– 30″ double grouser tracks
– Heavy duty bottom guards
– Hydraulic track adjuster
– Adjustable track width for shipping configuration

Cabin features:
– Joystick hydraulic controls
– Monitor with full color and graphic, video ready, language display capability
– Automatic climate control with positive pressure ventilation
– AM/FM Radio
– Bolt-on FOGS capability

Hydraulic system:
– CAT standard mineral oil
– Max flow main pumps 281 gal/min
– Max pressure main circuit 5,076 psi (normal mode)
– SmartBoom

Diesel engine: CAT C18 ACERT, 533 HP
– Auto reversing cooling fans
– 7,500 ft altitude capability with no derate
– Bio fuel capability (B20)

– 1 rear view camera
– Travel alarm
– Ground access engine shutoff
– Overload warning system

Lubrication system: Automatic greasing of the boom, stick and the swing bearing.

Lighting: External working lights:
– 4 mounted on boom
– 2 mounted on stick
– 1 mounted on front structure
– 1 mounted on the cabin

Cabin and Undercarriage

Ground Level Hyrdraulic Raising


MH3295 CAB

Hydraulic cab riser featuring 360 degree ground level ingress/egress.



MH3295 Undercarriage

Heavy-duty, 18'4" gauge X 20'10" overall length, with 30" double grouser pads,