CH900F Overview

The MultiDocker CH900F is a wheel-based material handler that provides unsurpassed mobility, incredible lift power, and speed of operation. All while delivering the reliability and efficiency that your operation depends on.

The CH900F is “steady as a rock,” based on a heavy-duty 4WD undercarriage, and climbs tough terrain even while operating with loads. It offers multiple boom and stick combinations, SmartBoom technology, and integrated hydraulics, so configuring it to any job is possible. Best of all, it’s based on Caterpillar components, so you get the world-class reliability and service support you count on.

The CH900F can handle any kind of operation: scrap metal, pulp logs, sawn wood, timber, chips, pellets, bags, aggregates, and most kinds of bulk and general cargo.

  • Reach: 79'


  • Lift: 20 Tons


  • Weight: 86 Tons


  • Power: 476HP Cat C15



Cabin Options

Cabin Standard



Simple. Heavy Duty.
Suitable for material handling.

Cabin Elevator Port



Movable 8m horizontally from the swing center. Designed for optimum visibility while loading/discharging vessels.

Cabin Raised



Fixed, raised 1.5m for MH applications where view/height is crucial.

Cabin Elevator Industrial



Movable 8m horizontally from the swing center. Designed for optimum visibility while handling materials of all types.

Select a cabin that meets the exact needs of your operation.

Whether you need a Fixed cabin of Standard or Raised height, or whether you need an Elevating cabin for increased height and downward visibility, MultiDocker has a setup ready for you.

Undercarriage Options



4WD Wheeled

Toughest 4WD undercarriage in its class. 4 outriggers with protected hydraulics. Advanced Brake System. 100 Ton axles. Solid-tire option.

Pylon-based 4WD


Pylon 4WD Wheeled

Combination of 4WD Wheeled with pylon for greater reach and visibility. Safety catwalks and solid tires included in this configuration.




Pylon, with height of 1-9 meters.