CH800F Overview

The MultiDocker CH800F is based on the Caterpillar 352F MH and gives you incredible capabilities in a 140,000-lb class machine. With a 417-hp CAT C13 ACERT Stage IV diesel engine, CAT hydraulics, and up to 59 feet of reach, they are ideal for a wide range of jobs. The CH800F can be configured on low-height, medium-height, or gantry style undercarriages and come with a range of boom and stick choices. We can make your MultiDocker work just the way you want it to, to do your job.

The CH800F ic characterized by high efficiency, fast performance, faultless reliability, high machine availability, and long low-cost working life. .

Whether you’re attacking scrap metal, rip-rap, sawn wood, round timber, chips, pellets, aggregates, bulk, or cargo, the CH800F is more than capable of doing the job.

  • Reach: 59'


  • Lift: 22 Tons


  • Weight: 70 Tons


  • Power: 417HP Cat C13



Cabin Options

Cabin Standard



Simple. Heavy Duty.
Suitable for material handling.

Cabin Moveable



Movable 8m horizontally from swing center for optimum view while loading/discharging vessels. Smooth operation, controlled by switch on joystick.
A MultiDocker exclusive!

Cabin Raised



Fixed, raised 1.5m for MH applications where view/height is crucial.

Cabin Elevator Port



Movable 8m horizontally from the swing center. Designed for optimum visibility while loading/discharging vessels.

Cabin Forward



Fixed, with cabin moved 4.2m forward. For MH and vessel operations where view isn't crucial.

Cabin Elevator Industrial



Movable 8m horizontally from the swing center. Designed for optimum visibility while handling materials of all types.

Undercarriage Options

Gantry Crawler



Tall enough for trucks and railway cars to pass under, saving space. movement, and reducing swing cycles.
Width: 4.75m. Height: 4.3m

Low Crawler



Our lowest undercarriage configuration.
Width 4.7m




Pylon, with height of 1-9 meters.