CH600F Overview

With a CH600 you can do your cargo handling with half the effort and twice the turnover. We can make your MultiDocker work just the way you want it to, to do your job.

The CH600 has excellent control, impressive lift capacity, simplified service and a comfortable operator station to increase your productivity and lower operating costs.

Our flexible solutions makes you able to load or unload sawn wood, round timber, chips, pellets, bags, scrap, rocks, gravel, and most kinds of bulk and general cargo.

  • Connector.

    Reach: 59'


  • Connector.

    Lift: 16 Tons


  • Connector.

    Weight: 50 Tons


  • Connector.

    Power: 303HP Cat C9



Machine weight: CH600 for pedestal mounting: approx. 35 ton

Base machine: Caterpillar 336

Boom and stick: 10,5 – 15 meter reach. HEX and MH versions available. The boom and stick is designed for multi purpose use and can easily handle most different kind of cargoes. As an option we can offer a quick release coupling making the change between different work tools convenient and quick. Due to our unique module design we can tailor the lengths of booms and sticks for special requirements.

Undercarriage: Pedestal, Gantry

Cycle data:
– Lifting speed, end of stick ~ 5 m/s
– Slewing, body: 5 rpm
– Slewing: 360°

Cabin features:
– Joystick hydraulic controls
– Automatic climate control
– AM/FM Radio
– Front guard for protection of penetrating objects – “FOPS”
– Overhead protection frame for protection of falling objects – “OPS”

Hydraulic system:
– CAT standard mineral oil
– Hydraulic tank volume 175 litres
– Total hydraulic system volume 410 litres
– Pilot system volume 19 litres
– Max flow pilot system 43 l/min
– Max flow main pumps 560 l/min (2×280 l/min)
– Max pressure main circuit 350 bars (normal mode)

Electric motor: VEG 200 kW, 690 Volt, 60 Hz, Cable and connector for shore supply not included

Diesel engine: CAT C9 Acert, 224 kW

Safety cameras: 1 no. Caterpillar rear view camera, mounted on the counter weight integrated with the main monitor in the cabin. 1 no. camera mounted on stick. 1 no. monitor mounted in cabin.

Lubrication system: Lincoln Quicklube VDC233 system for automatic greasing of the boom, stick and the swing bearing.

Lighting: External working lights:
– 2 no. mounted on the cabin
– 2 no. mounted on boom
– 1 no. mounted on the upper body

Safety equipment:
– Front guard for protection of penetrating objects – “FOPS”
– Overhead protection frame for protection of falling objects – “OPS”
– 3 no. fire extinguishers

– MultiDocker operator’s manual
– Caterpillar operator’s manual
– MultiDocker spare parts list
– Caterpillar spare parts list

Warranty: MultiDocker CH600 is delivered with a 12 month or 2 000 running hours’ warranty, whichever occurs first, to cover defects in materials or workmanship. Other options available.

Cabin Options

Cabin Standard



Simple. Heavy Duty.
Suitable for material handling.

Cabin Moveable



Movable 8m horizontally from swing center for optimum view while loading/discharging vessels. Smooth operation, controlled by switch on joystick.
A MultiDocker exclusive!

Cabin Raised



Fixed, raised 1.5m for MH applications where view/height is crucial.

Cabin Elevator Port



Movable 8m horizontally from the swing center. Designed for optimum visibility while loading/discharging vessels.

Cabin Forward



Fixed, with cabin moved 4.2m forward. For MH and vessel operations where view isn't crucial.

Cabin Elevator Industrial



Movable 8m horizontally from the swing center. Designed for optimum visibility while handling materials of all types.

Cab Design: The cabin has been designed to be spacious, quiet and comfortable for the operator, assuring high productivity throughout the entire workday. Switches are conveniently located for easy access. The monitor is located to provide excellent visibility and access.

Seat: The seat provides a variety of adjustments, including fore/aft, height and weight to suit the operator. Adjustable armrests and a retractable seat belt are also included. For additional comfort, a new heated air suspension seat is available.

Skylight: An enlarged skylight with sunshade provides excellent visibility and good ventilation.

Hydraulic Activation Control Lever: The hydraulic activation control lever deactivates all hydraulic functions during engine start-up, and prevents unintentional machine movements.

Climate Control: Positive filtered ventilation with a pressurized cab comes standard. Fresh air or re-circulated air can be selected with a switch on the left console.

Monitor: The monitor has functions to display the machine, maintenance, diagnostic and prognostic information. The angle of the monitor can be adjusted to face the operator and prevent sun glare. The monitor also functions as display screen for the rear view camera that comes as standard on the MultiDocker.

Cabin Safety System: The machine is equipped with an electronic safety system with motion control. The system prevents from collision between the cabin and the work tool. The system also controls the load in the machine to avoid overload.

Cab Exterior: The exterior design uses thick steel tubing along the bottom perimeter of the cab, improving resistance fatigue and vibration. The cabin has an overhead protection frame (F.O.P.S = falling object protective system) bolted directly to the top of the cabin.

Cab Mounts: The cabin shell is attached to the frame with viscous rubber cabin mounts, which dampen vibrations and sound levels while enhancing operator comfort.

Wipers: Parallel wiper, including a washer nozzle is mounted below the cab windshield; this optimizes the operator’s viewing area and offers continuous and intermittent modes.

Windows: To maximize visibility, all glass is affixed directly to the cab. The cabin solution CM8000 has a floor window as standard. This gives the operator the possibility to view the working area underneath the cabin.

Consoles: Re-designed consoles feature a simple, functional design to reduce operator fatigue, ease of switch operation and excellent visibility. Both consoles have attached armrests and allow the height of the armrests to be adjusted.

Standard Cab Equipment: To enhance operator comfort and productivity, the cab includes a lighter, drink holder, coat hook, service meter, FM Radio, literature holder, magazine rack and storage compartment. The cab can be equipped with optional 12 volt converter and up to 12V – 7amp electrical sockets to provide additional electrical resources.

Sound: The operator sound level measured according to the procedures specified in ISO 6396:2008.

Monitor Display Screen: The monitor is a full colour 400×234 pixels LCD graphic display. The Master Caution Lamp blinks ON and OFF when one of the critical conditions below occurs:

– Engine oil pressure low
– Coolant temperature high
– Hydraulic oil temperature high

Under normal conditions or the default condition, the monitor display screen is divided into four areas: clock and throttle dial, gauge, event display and multi-information display.

Gauge Display: Three analogue gauges, fuel level, hydraulic oil temperature and coolant temperature, are displayed in this area.

Multi-information Display: This area is reserved for displaying information that is convenient for the operator. The “Cat” logo mark is displayed when no information is available to display.

Operator Gain/Response: This is used to suit the operators’ preferences or application.

– Quicker, for fast response and more production
– Slower, for more precision
– Three preset settings with 21 move available

Electronic Joysticks: Electronic joysticks provide features not possible with hydraulic pilot valves:

– Eliminate pilot lines in cab for quieter operation
– Adjustable gain/response

Undercarriage Options

Gantry Crawler



Tall enough for trucks and railway cars to pass under, saving space. movement, and reducing swing cycles.
Width: 4.75m. Height: 4.3m

Low Crawler



Our lowest undercarriage configuration.
Width 4.7m




Pylon, with height of 1-9 meters.

Depending on the customer’s needs, the MultiDocker CH600 can be delivered in various standard undercarriage configurations with crawler tracks. Other options are the rail track fitted gantry undercarriage or pedestal. It’s also possible to have the cargo handler installed onboard a vessel or a barge.

Due to the unique module system we can tailor the height and width of the undercarriage raiser, the length of the track frames and the width of the flat shoes to meet special requirements in regards of weight, ground loadings, available space at the site etc.

Sealed and Lubricated Rollers: Track rollers and idlers are sealed and lubricated for excellent service life.

Idler Guards and Track Guides: Idler guards and centre track guides used to maintain alignment are standard.

Track shoes: The flat shoe’s outer edges are curved and chamfered on the outer edges to further smooth transportation as well as prevent unnecessary damages to the ground. Being such a large material handler, the MultiDocker flat shoes cause very little effect to the ground surfaces. Due to the design of the MultiDocker bended flat shoes, they are very kind to all types of road surfaces, concrete, blocks or tarmac.

Track: The MultiDocker cargo handler comes with grease lubricated tracks as standard. The track links are assembled and sealed with grease to decrease internal bushing wear, reduce travel noise and extend service life thus lowering operating costs.

Travel Motor: Two-speed axial piston hydraulic motors provide the drive power and automatic speed selection when the high-speed position is selected. This enables the machine to automatically change between computer controlled high and low speeds depending on drawbar-pull requirements.

Final Drives: The final drives are the three-stage reduction planetary type. This design provides a complete drive/brake unit that is compact and delivers excellent performance and reliability.