Welcome to MultiDocker

We didn’t develop our products to make money. We invented them to do a job, for us.
We were dock-operators ourselves back in the day, and we knew just what was needed. We said “If we could invent exactly the right machine to do the jobs we need, what would it look like? How would it work?”

We wanted high efficiency, fast performance, faultless reliability, high machine availability and a long low-cost working life.
So we built it, and it worked. With a long process of experimentation, we devised the MultiDocker – a machine that’s mostly standard, tried-and-tested, ultra-reliable Caterpillar components, enhanced with innovations based on experience.

Now we’re proud to offer these to you.
For working the docks, scrap yards, pulp log yards, piles of aggregate and ore, dredging, or wherever.

MultiDocker - Manufacturing

We produce one of the worlds’ most versatile and efficient cargo handlers.
They are based on standard, reliable well-proven Caterpillar components enhanced with our own industrial and innovative solutions.

We have developed a successful plug and play concept.
The MultiDocker machine “body” is produced by the Caterpillar factory in Gosselies, Belgium. Caterpillar delivers the “body” to our production site. At this site the machine is modified and adjusted to the customer’s needs. The undercarriage, cabin and front attachment are produced by companies that are specialized in producing just these kinds of parts. When the parts are ready, the suppliers send the parts to the customer’s location. The machine is then brought together and tested by our own specialists.

MultiDockers can be custom built to your specifications.
We build many different configurations of hydraulic material and handlers. Our Sales representatives can show you exact machine specifications available to help you choose what best meets your needs!