The world’s most versatile and efficient
cargo and material handlers


We offer a range of machines, from the CH600F to the CH2200F. Each is unmatched in its class. They feature incredible reach, efficiency, mobility, and reliability. Each is customizable to suit your exact material handling challenge. Learn more about the full line here.


MultiDockers are based primarily on Caterpillar components, augmented by MultiDocker’s own innovative solutions for the most challenging material handling jobs on the planet. That means you get incredible reliability and the support of the world-class Caterpillar service organization.


MultiDockers offer unmatched performance thanks to incredible reach, fast cycle times, and high mobility. They offer maximum operator comfort and fuel economy as well. Learn more about the impressive advantages that owning a MultiDocker can bring to your business here.

Meet MultiDocker

Here’s a mashup of some of our favorite MultiDocker imagery. It provides a good overview of the versatility of the MultiDocker line to a wide range of industry challenges.

Pre-owned machines

MultiDockers are incredibly durable and built to last. Because they are constructed with Caterpillar components, our machines are built to be re-built. Through the Caterpillar certified rebuild program, major structures and components can be remanufactured and replaced, to reduce rebuild costs. We can equip you with a completely refurbished MultiDocker that suits your exact needs. Pre-owned inventory is available in North America through Process Equipment. Contact them here.



MultiDocker Cargo Handling AB develops and market hydraulic cargo handlers, customized for ports and industrial use. Together with our external partners we strive to work in ways that support the environment. We incorporate the latest, most efficient Caterpillar power plants and hydraulic systems, working to reduce emissions and improve the usage of energy and natural resources. A key goal is to reduce the amount of dangerous waste and emissions into the environment. MultiDocker meets national and international environmental standards, and we will constantly improve on our activities into the future.



Originally founded in the early 1980’s as a subsidiary to a shipping company, MultiDocker was initially created to solve the most demanding cargo loading and discharging processes of short-sea shipping, developing more efficient cargo handling equipment for ports. The company’s early products included the most efficient cargo handler ever for ships up to 9,000 deadweight tonnes (dwt). Models then progressed to use on barges, and ultimately expanded into a wide range of additional industries such as pulp and paper, scrap metal, and beyond. Cooperation with Caterpillar started in 1997. 

Today, MultiDocker is a global brand servicing industry on every continent.